Second Grade Book Nerd

The year was 1976.

I sat on a bench in the reading corner of Mrs. Warren’s second grade classroom.  You know what I’m talking about when I say reading corner – worn carpet squares on the floor with scattered pillows for coziness; painted book shelves loaded with colorful Scholastic Book selections, brightly appropriate for budding readers. Wearing my black and red plaid dress and dark-rimmed, Coke-bottle glasses that enabled my weak right eye to keep up with my left, I swung my feet back and forth as I found myself absorbed in a book, and falling head over heels in love with reading.  My freshly developed reading skills had whisked me away into a new world called Chapter Books: amazing stories about giant peaches, pioneer girls, and a little pest named Ramona.

The name of the book I was reading that particular day escapes my memory now, but I remember distinctly how I felt as I was drawn into the tale that I held in my hands.  That was the first of many days I escaped into a story that made me lose track of time.  I was completely surprised and not a little embarrassed that day when I heard my teacher’s voice calling my name – apparently I was so engrossed I had not heard the lunch bell ring! The rest of the class was already marching in line to the lunch room, and there I was, swinging my feet and happily, obliviously, reading.

That is how my love affair with books began.  With my thick glasses and quiet personality, I perfectly fit the image of a young bookworm. But ah, in second grade, I had yet to learn what a stereotype even was, let alone care.  I was in love!


My mom used to attach a strip of scotch tape across my hair when she would trim my bangs, to create a “straight’ line and to catch the cut hair.  Quite effective, don’t you think? 

Though the glasses were long ago replaced by contacts, through the years reading has been my constant passion, never waning, never abandoned.  I spent hours reading in the car as a young girl, on camping trips with my family, in bed at night long after everyone else was asleep.  In college I couldn’t wait for Christmas break, not just to have a break from classes or to spend time with family and friends, but to be able to read for pleasure! When my four children were small, reading (preferably with a bowl of popcorn) was my “girl’s night out” after they were all tucked in bed.  And even now, after 25 years of marriage, my husband and I have an unspoken agreement: I can stay up later than him and read in bed if I turn off the light and use his camping headlamp.  I just have to make sure I don’t turn it on until AFTER I kiss him goodnight.

So, welcome to my blog.  I hope to share my love of reading, the books I’ve read and my reflections on them, and just a little bit of my life with you, fellow reader.  And I hope you will share the same with me.

13 thoughts on “Second Grade Book Nerd

  1. Hi there,
    I am also an avid book reader and have been since a young age. I remember the reading corner well and firmly believe that my love of reading came from my teacher’s who used to read us a chapter of a book every day just before the end of school. I used to love book club week and spent a considerable amount of time in the library! I also had bangs and thick glasses!


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