My High-Tech Book Log of 2009

Yes, I am of a certain group of people who know how to use the Internet….enough.  I know how to find what I want on Google, and order books on Amazon (of course). I know how to use Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram, even Snapchat.  I do have teenagers, after all, which pretty much requires that I have a basic knowledge of these social media outlets.

But I have to confess, it’s a love-hate relationship.

I find the Internet fascinating, and all the technology involved that allows me to access so much via my iPhone. I love my iPhone (insert heart-eye emoji here).  But I will never – NEVER – understand how it works.  Anyway, while I love what technology can do for me, I hate the way the use of it creeps up on my allotted time for…life…and soaks up great chunks of time that could be used doing so many other things.  Which is ironic, considering that the World Wide Web allows us to access information at the speed of light – or at least at the speed of your particular Internet server.  There are so. many. apps that are supposed to make life easier for us, entertain us, challenge us, connect us to people, manage our money, our health, our relationships.  And while many of these are helpful, to be honest, by the time I download the app, sign in and set it up, then play with it for a while and teach myself how to use it, a whole 47 minutes have passed that I could have used to clean a bathroom or write a note to a friend.  Or read a couple of chapters in a book.

So, while I am aware that there are really cool apps that help you keep track of what books you read, what others are reading and recommending, and will also let you list the books you want to read in the future…..they’re not for me.  At least not yet.

In 2009 I decided, kind of as a New Year’s Resolution, to log all the books I would read that year in a cute little notebook kept in my nightstand drawer.  I was curious to catalog where my interests lie and how much non-fiction I read compared to fiction.  And honestly, I just love Writing Things Down.  I had a very sophisticated system  – I wrote the title, the author, the date I finished, and (this is highly sophisticated and analytical) a smiley or frowny face to describe how I felt about the book.  Key: a smiley face circled is really, really good.  As you can see, 2016 was a really, really good book year.


In 2009 I read 44 total books: 29 were fiction and 15 were non-fiction.  In 2016 I read 63 total books: 30 of which were fiction and 33 of which were non-fiction.  In case you were wondering.


Now, I will be truthful and tell you that I did try to use the Goodreads app for a while.  I don’t have anything against that particular app, it was just easier for me to jot what I wanted to remember down in a notebook.  (The cuter the notebook, the better).  This system has served me well, along with my system of using the Notes app on my phone to write down a book that someone recommends to me.  After I’ve checked it out at the library and read it, I then delete it from my Notes, and add it to my Book Log.

Along with the appropriate facial expression.

So, I guess it comes down to your personal preference.  Am I weird for even wanting to keep a record of what I have read? What do you do?  I would love to hear about your system.

And I promise, we will talk soon about specific books!






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