Waves of Mercy

Don’t you love it when a novel you’re reading mentions a place that is familiar to you?  If I’ve been to a city that the author mentions, I instantly feel a deeper connection to the story.  I think it’s even more meaningful if you live in or around that city.

Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin is a novel based on the history of Dutch immigrants  settling in Western Michigan around 1847, specifically in Holland, which is just north of where I live.  The book was loaned to me by a dear friend from church whose ancestors were part of that group of people.

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2017 is in the books!

What an eventful year this has been! In 2017 our oldest child and his wife both graduated from college, our second child graduated from high school, and Jim and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. We made two trips to Arkansas and also bought a camper, in which we enjoyed staying at several Michigan State Parks.  It’s been a great year for books, as I have read all over the spectrum this year, but one of the most exciting things was starting this blog so that I can share books with YOU!

So, although I didn’t start blogging until the end of August this year, I have been faithfully keeping track of every book I’ve read this year since January – the old-fashioned way, in my little notebook.  I have read a total of 60 books – 61 if you count the book I am currently reading, which I may or may not finish before the New Year officially arrives.  Usually I am pretty evenly split between fiction and non-fiction books, but this year I read a LOT of novels.  My totals were 48 fiction and 12 non-fiction (13 if you include the one I’m currently reading).  I’m sure you are just dying to know ALL of the books I’ve read, so of course I will share them with you!  Like I said, I was kind of all over the place, so I don’t know if you would like every book.  If it is a book I reviewed here on the blog, I will link you back to that review.  Hopefully this will give you some good suggestions for your reading pleasure in 2018! Happy Reading!

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