Hello from Cheryl

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I remember the first book that made me cry real tears.  Do you? For me it was Beat the Turtle Drum by Constance C. Greene, when I was in about 4th grade.  I was astonished to realize that words in a book could actually move me to a physical and emotional response! From the time I was a young girl reading my mom’s Erma Bombeck books and wondering what was so funny, through the days of giggling over the underlined passages of “Forever” by Judy Blume with a girlfriend in the middle school bathroom, to reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” as a young wife (and about 2837583709182 parenting books after that), books have been an enormous part of every season of my life.  Just as certain songs bring back memories of our youth, remembering a certain book takes me back to another part of my life’s journey.  I wonder if you feel the same?  I hope to get to know you and the books you’ve loved through the years, and who knows? maybe we can be friends.

Here’s a little more about me:  I live in the southwest corner of Michigan with my husband Jim, with whom I just recently celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss! (insert knowing wink here).  We have four wonderfully unique children who are beginning to make their way out of the nest, and a newly-acquired daughter-in-law whose smile is as sweet as the iced tea they serve where she comes from.  I am a happy camper, a dog and a cat mom, and one might also call me a Diet Coke addict, depending on the day.  Besides being in love with the written word,  I am in love with the Living Word, Jesus Christ.  He is my firm foundation, the ultimate source of my joy and hope, and the Bible, His love letter to me, is the most important book of all.

From the Good Book

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