Three For Thursday: Erik Larson

If you love to read non-fiction books about history, but don’t love the textbook-feeling you get from some of them, then this is your man to read.

Erik Larson has a knack for writing history like a novel.  According to his author page at Amazon, he was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for investigative journalism on The Wall Street Journal.

This tells you he knows how to research what he is writing about.

To that skill he adds his captivating writing style, and he draws you in to not only enjoy a good story, but to learn about important and interesting events in the world’s history. Continue reading

My High-Tech Book Log of 2009

Yes, I am of a certain group of people who know how to use the Internet….enough.  I know how to find what I want on Google, and order books on Amazon (of course). I know how to use Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram, even Snapchat.  I do have teenagers, after all, which pretty much requires that I have a basic knowledge of these social media outlets.

But I have to confess, it’s a love-hate relationship. Continue reading